We Know Those Persecuting Hon Nwuche And Their Motivation
Ekpeye Youth Congress

We have watched with increasing alarm the apparently well coordinated and well funded plans to generally tarnish the image of Hon Prince Chibudom Nwuche former Deputy Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives and the Esama Ekpeye Logbo,and reduce his towering political profile by certain known interests,who shall be unmasked very soon.His offence appears to be his continued interest in the welfare of Ekpeye people,the South South geo political zone and the ordinary masses and the governance of our dear country.These interest are not happy that he is still available and a strong influence in the politics of State and the South South region,coupled with his wide national network and general acceptability in all parts of the country.

Though Hon Nwuche has no current political interest except in doing his bit to protect the interest of Ekpeye people who are severely downtrodden and is working with leaders in the Niger Delta region to maintain peace in order to allow for development,these interest still see him as a threat.These attacks appear to have reached a new crescendo since he joined the APC on account of the injustice he suffered at the last and previous PDP primaries where he vied for the senatorial seat of Rivers West Senatorial district.Inspite of the endorsement of the stakeholders,leaders and masses he was not allowed to fly the party flag because of a certain individual in the Orashi region who wants to use the Ekpeye tribe only as a footstool for his ambition,and therefore imposes unpopular candidates on the Ekpeye masses,so the people will forever remain subjugated.

Prince Nwuche after exiting the PDP had decided to leave partisan politics for a while to face his businesses which were and are still suffering on account of his political profile and those that see him as a threat even when he nurses no ambition to compete with them.His supporters in Ekpeye later prevailed on him to lead them to the APC as they would be otherwise politically stranded having followed him for over 16 years in the PDP.They also argued that they will no longer be trusted in the PDP,and going into another platform without him leading will not guarantee them acceptability.Prominent leaders in Ekpeye kingdom,youths and women group also added their voice,and this was how Nwuche found himself again in the APC and partisan politics.

Hon Nwuche has always been active in business and the legal profession from where he had always funded his interest in politics and governance and assisting his people.He has never been a charge on the public purse and is well known for his intergrity and transparency and his readiness to assist his people and go the extra mile for the Niger Delta people and Nigerian masses generally.Every member of the 1999 National Assembly can attest to his intergrity,and his doggedness and loyalty once he takes a position on any issue.His businesses employ people from every part of the country without discrimination and whilst serving as Deputy Speaker of the house,he employed aides from every major tribe and all the geo political zones in the country.Any member of that August and vibrant assembly can attest to these facts.

We are forced to put these facts in the public domain because of the ridiculous extent these interest determined to pull him down politically have gone.They have tried to frustrate his businesses and paint some in lurid colours inorder to input a hint of crime.They have engaged some sections of the media to tarnish his image by dressing him in the borrowed gab of corruption,when they are the ones swimming in corruption.The latest of these well orchestrated attacks is a publication by an otherwise respectable media platform that was 100% fabricated and accused Hon Nwuche of bribing Gov Aminu Tambuwal to pad the amnesty budget with the sum of N1BN naira,and he was aided in this scheme by Mrs Patience Jonathan.Nothing can be further from the truth,as Hon Nwuche has categorically denied having any dealings whatsoever with the respected duo of Gov Aminu Tambuwal and Mrs Patience Jonathan,and dismissed the publication as sponsored and malicious and is seeking substantial damages for libel from this publication.

The intention of these people is also to silence him politically in a period that Nigeria and indeed the Niger Delta needs her best minds to address urgent national issues,and the plurality of views and opinions is the essence of democracy.A political system where only a few for whatever consideration are allowed to thrive and the vast majority of well meaning citizens are marginalised and oppressed,just because they have their own opinions can not endure,and will not have the critical mass required for any meaningful impact under a democracy based on free and fair elections.

These masquerades behind this plot are well known to our people and should reveal themselves and their motivation for these sinister plots.We urge Niger Delta leaders to stop playing the brand of politics that seeks to either physically or politically eliminate opponents,using Government resources and institutions as it has under developed our region and destroyed our economies.They should rather use their positions and the resources that accrue as a consequence and their clout to bring development and succour to the suffering Niger Delta youths,who are mostly unemployed and poor.They should learn from the example of lagos that is now a hub for the oil and gas industry even before she lately became an oil producing state,just on account of good leadership.We urge Hon Nwuche who knows these people and their cohorts to speak out for Nigerians to know their real intention and motivation.We also urge media houses not to lend themselves to schemes that seek to destroy innocent people just for money,and that Nigerians yearn for good governance and these witch hunts should stop.

We urge Hon Nwuche to continue his solid support for the upliftment of the Niger Delta,a strong and united Nigeria, the APC and President Muhammadu Buhari inspite of these detractors.

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