Outreach Programmes

· Youth Camps/Road Shows
· Career exhibitions
· Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Seminars
· Employment Seminars
· Career and employment workshops
· Teamwork/Team Management
Research And Communications Division

. Conduct social studies on issues affecting youths
. Monitoring and Evaluation
. Quality management of programmes's implementation
. Impact Assessment
. Career and employment exhibitions
. Employment Seminars
. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Seminars
. Road shows and campaigns
Counseling Division

Career Counselling
. Business Mentoring and Counselling
. Resource Centre For Youth Development
. Unemployment Youth Registration

Unemployment Registration
This service is designed to assist unemployed youth with opportunities and information that will enhance their employability and it offers the following:
. Registering unemployed youth and put them on the database
. Provide them access to internet, printing, typing, photocopying and faxing in the resource centre
. Provide learnerships and internship information, and application forms
. Liaise with employment agencies for employment and learnership Opportunities

Business Counselling
This service is primarily designed for young entrepreneurs and focuses on the following Services:
. Mentoring on new and existing entrepreneurs
. Assistance on business plan development
. Registration of business
. Information on access to start-up capital training.

Career Counseling
This service is designed for both in and out of school learners and it provides them the following information:

Career Information:
. Career, Bursary and scholarship information
. Computerised career information
. Tertiary and bursary forms
. Referrals to tertiary and bursary institutions

Career Counseling:
. Study skills
. Career assessment
. Career pathing ( Goal setting)
Training And Development Division

. Short / Long Term Certification Courses (Skill Acquisition )
. Entrepreneurship workshops
. Job-preparation workshops
. Life skills workshop
. Computer skills training

Entrepreneurship Workshops
Entrepreneurship workshop includes the following modules:
. Definition of entrepreneurship
. The economic environment
. Idea Generation
. Idea screening
. Forms of business
. Statutory requirements
. Marketing Plan

Job-Preparation Workshops
Job-preparation workshop includes the following modules:
. Dealing with unemployment
. Planning (Goal setting)
. Job search techniques
. CV compilation
. Marketing yourself
. Interview techniques
. Preparation for the world of work

Life Skills Workshops
Life skills workshop includes the following modules:
. Assertiveness
. Communication
. Time management
. Decision making
. Gender
. Self-Belief
. Conflict Management

Computer Skills Training
Computer skills training offer the following courses:
. Computer basic skills acquisition

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