The Foundation for Youth Development (FYD) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) chaired and founded in 2003 to promote youth empowerment, enlightenment, education and motivation toward becoming national leaders imbued with the qualities of hard work, honesty, integrity, respect for the rule of law, fear of God, and nationalism in Nigeria.

Having considered the plights of youths in the country and with the dire need to mitigate the challenges by these teeming population category, Hon Nwuche has taken various actions to collaborate in several capacities with organizations to bring skills and encourage entrepreneurship among youths.

Honorable Nwuche is also currently the chairman of the Federal Medical Council (FMC). FMC is the Umbrella body for all medical organizations in Nigeria. Honorable Nwuche has received several local and international awards and nominations including the prestigious award of chartered fellow by the chartered institute of strategic managers and Leaders (CISML).

Honorable Nwuche was selected as being a management and leadership icons and top executives and strategists who has distinguished himself as a champion in public service in 2016.

To see a new brand of Nigerian youth become better and productive citizens of this great nation and in turn positive contributions to their communities and their country at large.”

We envision a strong and efficient organization that effectively conducts value for cash interventions that produces an ample amount of skillful and productive youth to contribute rigorously to positive and sustainable development.

To empower youth with life and economically sustainable skills, building better lives for a sustainable development bearing in mind that that the only way to save our nation is to save our next generation.

  1. To contribute and achieve UN sustainable Development Goals (SDGS), global partnership as envisioned under it.
  3. To mobilize material and financial resources by creating long lasting partners with the donor community and
  5. Other service provisioning organizations
  7. To improve the management of physical and financial resources through capacity building and development of a strong culture of transparency and accountability.
  9. To implement a sustainable and integrated youth development programme by establishing very close ties with the community and FYD’s target group i.e youths
  11. To implement research on youth issues, facilitate provision of counselling and information around well-being, career and business or employment and also offer training and development opportunities for young people.
  • An integrated approach to sustainable development is the appropriate to address current needs of young people in our society.
  • Interventions that will engage with the full realities facing youth and their communities in order to:
  • Enable them to be self-reliant, by creating an enabling environment for them through facilitating a sustainable process of Research, Counseling, Training and Development.
  • Documentation of its functions and organization activities for the purpose of record keeping.

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