FYD partners NVCCI

FYD partners Nigerian Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and industry(NVCCI) to trianing youth in Maritime Engineering and Navidation Engineering.

The set Objectives and Goals are:

1. To work with Nigerian Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and industry(NVCCI) in providing quality training for Nigerian seafarers and finding lasting solution to the seeming intractable seafarers training problems in Nigeria.
2. To channel the energies of students and youths towards positive development by proactively addressing their educational, financial and social challenges
3. Recognize necessary terms and conditions used in relation to seafaring
4. Check, test, scrutinize and recognize challenges in seafaring

Testing / Continuous Assessment:

Primary Trainee; Graduates can perform as AB or Able-bodied Seamen only; training at this level is for 1095 hours for Engine Department while Navigation Department is for 1115 hours and total duration of both is ten (10) months each.

Intermediate Trainee; Course-work is for 2425 hours for Engine Department and 2335 hours for Navigation Department both having an overall duration of twenty (20) months each; after graduating candidate will work as Able Seamen for 36 months sea-time; then they can attend upgrading course for 6 months after that they are qualified to participate in the examinations to get Operation Officer certificate/Certificate-of-competency or Class Three. Successful candidates can work as Operation Officer only.

College Trainee; Will undergo 3440 hours for Engine Department and 3435 hours of course-work for Navigation Department respectively with both lasting for thirty (30) months. After graduating candidates can join as Cadet for 12 months of sea-time then they will be able to participate in the examinations to get Operation Officer Certificate/Certificate of competency or Class Two. After 24 months sea-time as Operation Officer they will have 3 months course-work with VMTC to be qualified to take part in Management Officer Examinations to become Master Mariner or Class One.

Meet Our Team
Hon. Chibudom Nwuche
Wasiu Akindele
Gloria Stanley-Ngada