FYD donates ICT equipments to Secondary Schools in Ochigba

It was a Monday Morning on early February 2014, Honourable Chibudom Nwuche went on a visit to Community Secondary School, Ochigba.  The school is located

in his home town, in Ahoada East local Government Area of rivers State.  The school is made up of senior  and junior section.  The junior section is also called UBE, and each of the sections has a different principals  and a different school uniforms.

On getting to the school on that eventful day, the staff and students came out to welcome him.  He enquired after the welfare of the school and the principals decided to take him round the school environment so he can see things for himself.  On the process, Hon. Chibudom came across a group of students learning computer studies without a computer aid. He asked why they should learn computer without practical lessons, the principal said that the school does not have computers with which to teach students; even some SS3 students could not do their online WAEC registration due to  lack of computers in the school. On a closer observation, Hon. Chibudom was surprised to hear that many students in the school have not seen computer for the first time in their lives. Hon. Chibudom was moved with pity for these young students, some of whom are our future leaders.  He immediately decided to empower them.  He then promised three computers and printers to the school.

On getting to office that same day, he sent for three computers and three printers to be bought to Community Secondary School, Ochigba.  This was because he didn’t want any further hindrance to students basic knowledge of computer since we are already in computer age.

The computers and printers were bought and delivered to the school immediately.

As if that was not enough, Honourable Chibudom Nwuche also gave the teachers of CSS, Ochigba #100,000 to appreciate and encourage them to do their work more effectively.

On seeing the computers been brought to the school, students and teachers came out in groups to receive the gifts, the first of its kind; their joy knowing no bounds.  The pictures attached described the joy in the school as computers and printers were brought to Community Secondary School, Ochigba.  The students can now learn computers conveniently. Thanks to Honourable Chibudom Nwuche.  He has indeed  laid a foundation for youth development in his community and Nigeria as a whole.

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